Welcome To The Patt club

Group Holidays for People Alone Travelling Together (PATT)

*****The PATT Club 2015 TOURS AND EVENTS ARE NOW ON SALE, PLEASE CHECK THESE OUT UNDER OUR TOURS SECTION***** ***WE WILL CLOSE FOR CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS ON FRIDAY, 20th of December AND WILL REOPEN ON MONDAY, 05TH JANUARY 2015... Wishing all our members a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful 2015***

What we do…

We put together tours that offer something different specifically for the single traveller. We decided that every trip in Ireland would have a PATT Club assistant to help the group mix together and give general assistance where possible, and that we would offer a wide variety of holiday’s to suit all tastes and needs. Foreign trips will either have the assistance of the Tour Operator Representative or a PATT Club assistant. Anyone can organise a week in the sun, but it takes a little bit more organisation to organise exciting tours, themed weekends, special events with new and different experiences for our PATT club members.


Every holiday will be organised to allow you to be as involved as you like without having to constantly follow a set itinerary.If you would like to join the Patt Club, just go to Join to fill in the form and we will contact you to confirm!

All of our tours are operated in conjunction with Travel Management Solutions,Dublin,licence no T.A. 0535. Fully Bonded.

Click here to Join the PATT Club, alternatively call 074 – 9119955 between 10am and 5pm


About us…

From previous experience working in the travel industry for many years, we knew that there were lots of people out there who do not like travelling alone. Therefore, we had a policy of inviting singles to share while on tour thus eliminating the need for single supplements. Many of the people who have gone on tour with us as strangers have become good friends who continued to go on holiday every year together. We knew that there was a serious need for a professional service in Ireland for People Alone who wished to Travel together.

Suddenly someone said “People Alone Travelling Together”, “The PATT Club”, and a good idea became a reality.

We know that people who travel alone want comfortable, good standard accommodation, a choice of good quality cuisine and plenty of things to do and experience in the company of like-minded people.